Canadian online gambling legislation is very particular: it does not allow virtual casinos, but it does not prohibit them either.

So you could say that it is sitting “between two chairs”.

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To better understand the Canadian specificity, it is interesting to look at what our neighbors are doing. South of the border, on the other hand, things are simple: online casino sites are banned everywhere except in New Jersey. As for real money online poker sites, which were allowed for a while, they had to close their doors after Black Friday in 2011, when the FBI indicted some famous sites.

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On the other side of the Atlantic, things are less straightforward, as not all European countries have yet ruled on the issue of online gambling. Those there are those who have generally opted for a fairly strict regulation, which bans foreign-based operators and only allows sites that meet the criteria of the local regulatory authority. This is the case in France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. This means that Canadian players are very fortunate to be able to play on the site of their choice, without worrying about the law.

Legal age for online gambling

The legal age for gambling in Canada varies depending on the territory and province you live in, either 18 or 19. It is the player’s responsibility to follow provincial rules. They should be aware that they may be subject to retaliation if they do not follow them. Online casinos attempt to regulate underage gambling and impose security measures to ensure that the player is the minimum age required for gambling. If you are caught gambling and you are underage, you will face the consequences, and the Blue Door online casino will not pay out winnings to players under the required age limit. Responsible gambling is very important, and the best Canadian online casinos ensure the highest standards for fair, unbiased, and legal play at all times. 

A highly regulated industry

Canada takes a sound approach to online and casino gambling, with provincial responsibility for the development and growth of gambling facilities.

This progressive stance encourages gamblers to discover gambling, and recent surveys show that 75% of Canadians have gambled in the past year. Gambling in Canada is now a multi-billion dollar industry and highlights that many Canadians love regulated gambling.

With laws that allow legal gambling, whether online or in a casino, and an abundance of Canadian casinos, the gambling and lottery industry continues to thrive. You can join the game at any time.

Gambling Legislation in Canada

If you live in Canada and want to get into online sports betting, it is very important to learn about the gambling laws in your country beforehand to make sure you are betting legally at a legal online casino in Canada. To do this, we have prepared this information in our guide, which will help you to know everything about the gambling legislation in Canada.

Gambling is popular in Canada

In Canada, the most popular gambling game is undoubtedly poker. In fact, poker is very popular in the United States and many players flock to the poker tables in both land-based and online casinos such as The Blue Door. Canadians also love sports betting and horse betting.

Also on the podium of Canadians’ favorite games are blackjack, craps, and shuffleboard. These games are suitable for players of all levels. But Blackjack is in particular demand. This is all because of its rules, making the game very attractive. In Canada, Blackjack can be found in any classic gambling establishment, and you can also play online on sites from the best live blackjack casinos list. Here you make bets with the possibility of real communication with the dealer. But what about the law? Does the law allow you to gamble and bet legally on the Internet?

Each province has its own legislation

Since 1970, each province in Canada has had the freedom to manage its gambling legislation as it sees fit, and in a quasi-autonomous manner! Thus, most of the Canadian provinces now offer a large number of land-based casinos on their territories, whether in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, or Saskatchewan. In addition, since 1910, horse betting has also been authorized in Canada, and part of the profits is donated to charity.

In addition

In Canada, it is illegal to offer gambling on the Internet, but not to play it! Therefore, gamblers can play poker or blackjack online, place bets on digital bookmakers or take advantage of virtual casinos’ game catalogs. Canadian law prohibits the establishment of gambling sites, but it is not against the law to play at a digital casino or to bet at an online bookmaker.

In addition, although it is illegal to operate an online gambling business in Canada, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation have been offering online lottery tickets on their websites for some time. Just like Woodbine Racetrack, this also allows bettors to bet on horse races via the Internet. But that’s not all! The developer Cryptologic, known in the industry as one of the largest providers of online gambling software in the world, is based in Canada too.