Online gambling did not start out as a success. In fact, in the 1990s, there were only a few sites where players could enjoy online poker. At the time, it was still relatively new and the people who tried it out were just stubborn players.

However, the online gambling industry is worth more than C$90 billion at the moment. There is also a prediction that the industry will move over C$102 billion in the next 5 years, with an expected growth of 11% per year. Something that was just a niche has now become popular in just 25 years.

Part of the reason for this growth is the increased competition, and with that came the need for that competition to create more lucrative and attractive bonuses, which they still do to this day.

Another part of the growth witnessed in online gambling is driven by the advancement of technology. The exponential growth of the industry can be linked to the internet and smartphones. Therefore, most online casinos are always on top of what’s new in technology to see if it will give them an edge over the competition. Below is a list of trends that would impact online gambling in the future.

Mobile Gaming

Of all online gambling revenue, 33% comes from mobile gaming. This number is expected to increase in the near future. The power of the devices is increasing every day and developers are trying to create games that boost the devices in the area of graphics. Before long, there will be 2 versions of every game being released – the pc and mobile versions.

This is in effect in most games out there and will continue to be the trend. The arrival of the 5G network will be a big advantage for mobile gaming. The super-fast connections will make wireless internet work at the same speed as land-based networks, and with that, the biggest problem for mobile gaming – which is a slow internet connection – will have been overcome.

Choosing Best Games

Whenever competition is huge, it brings out the best of the best. The competition in online gaming is becoming huge and driving developers to give their best. With this, players enjoy better content. In the gaming industry, there is very stiff competition.

It seems that new and innovative slot games from developers are released by casinos every couple of weeks in order to keep players happy. The innovations in these games go far beyond the simple interface and graphics. They also come with bigger bonuses and new ways to win. Some also improve their RTPs and players can enjoy new and exciting games due to these benefits.

VR and AR

VR headset

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been on the table for a long time, but the gaming world has not taken full advantage of them – that’s because they are still very expensive systems.

Because of this, most developers have stopped developing games that support these systems. This, in turn, has also prevented VR / AR device manufacturers from selling in large quantities because not many games run on them. Because of this, the cost has not decreased.

However, there is an indication that the boom will come soon and the spell will be broken. We expect the arrival of quality games and a big reduction in the price of VR and AR hardware to bring in a large number of AR and VR players in the near future.

The Rise of Blockchain

 man watering bitcoin illustration

Due to the numerous advantages of blockchain payment, it will dominate the online payment industry very soon. The speed, security, and anonymous nature of it make it a preferable option for everyone.

It cannot be hacked, as the only accounting tool is the shared ledger. People can see the payments, but they cannot see anything about the details of the sender and the recipient. This means that while people can check the payments, they cannot check the details of those involved. So there will be no fear of people getting hold of your account statement, and there are no bank fees here. It is also a cheaper and faster payment option, as you will not have to spend days waiting for your money to be released.

With all these factors, online gambling will soon have a new form. Players will have a lot to gain from playing games, even when the level of immersion is heightened by AR and VR systems. Problems of problematic payments and fixed games would be solved by the blockchain, while the 5G network will provide the games to the players as the developers want. With all these developments, online gaming really has a bright future.